How we use your personal data

MAXSON solutions  promises to look after and respect your privacy. Your data is used to supply our services and marketing to you.

We promise:

  • To keep your data safe and private.
  • Not to sell your data.
  • To give you ways to manage and review your marketing choices at any time.

Who we are

At MAXSON solutions  we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients, suppliers, visitors to our website and office and subscribers to our availability list. We do not share, trade or sell personal information with any other companies or businesses for marketing purposes. Data collected is used only to allow us to continue to offer the best level of service to our clients. To underline this pledge, we’ve created this Privacy Notice, where we’ve provided detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure

Types of data we collect

To allow the marketing of our products or services, we collect personal data such as individual name, company name, postal address, phone number and email address. Please be assured that we do not share your personal details with any other company

Mailing Lists

We use email to keep you updated on company announcements such as product upgrades, service launches, cost-saving schemes, available training courses and industry news which could affect your business.

Acceptance of an offer from the Seller (Maxson solutions) is acceptance of the attached terms and conditions.

General terms

The terms of business apply at October 1st 2021.

In general unless otherwise agreed in writing, these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) apply to MAXSON solutions (hereinafter “Seller”) for deliveries to the buyer .


Buyer’s possibly Purchase terms, etc., whether or not they are a component of Buyer’s sales documents, including acceptance, cannot be considered as agreed between Seller and Buyer. This applies regardless of when these may arise.

In order to enter into an agreement with the Seller, the purchaser’s signatory (s) must be eligible for subscription. It is the buyer’s own responsibility, if this is not the case.

* Offer

The Seller’s written offer, which does not specify an acceptance deadline, lapses if the compliant acceptance has not reached the Seller within 30 days from the date of the offer. Oral offers must be accepted immediately but require written confirmation afterwards to be valid.


All prices are stated in UK GBP £ and where applicable VAT, freight, customs, taxes and other taxes are identified.

If the prices for the offered or agreed delivery change, including for example hosting, as a result of changes in purchase prices, commodity prices, exchange rates, freight, customs, taxes, taxes and the like, the Seller is entitled to change the prices offered and / or agreed upon to the buyer.

If the delivery is covered by a price list used by the Seller, the price for the delivery is determined on the basis of the price list applicable at the time of delivery. The price list is indicative and may be changed at any time without notice.


Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made within 7 days of the invoice date. Invoice can be sent by mail. mail. Billing will be done on the day the task in question is started.

The Buyer is obliged to keep the Seller up to date with the Buyer’s current postal and e-mail address so that invoices and other information arrive at the correct person.

In case of late payment, the interest rate is calculated at 1.5% per annum. commenced month from the due date to count. The seller is also entitled to charge compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Interest Act.

Payment by set-off cannot take place if the counterclaim is disputed.

Failure to comply with Seller’s terms of payment shall be deemed a material breach that entitles the Seller to suspend further deliveries and to claim any receivable, due and due, paid immediately. For each reminder sent, a reminder fee of £10

In the event of a material breach due to non-payment, the Seller is entitled to deactivate the Buyer’s delivery.

If a prepayment has been agreed for the product, unless otherwise agreed in writing, this must be paid to the Seller within 5 working days of the Buyer’s acceptance of the Seller’s offer. The Seller is not obliged to commence or initiate his service until the prepayment has been paid.

If prepayment is not made within the aforementioned time limit, the Seller may send a demand letter to the Buyer with a time limit for payment thereof within 10 days. In the event of non-payment in advance, the Seller is entitled to regard the agreement as being in breach of the Buyer’s circumstances. In this case, the Buyer is still obliged to pay the prepayment to the Seller.

In the case of the Buyer’s payment of the remaining price in addition to the prepayment, the Buyer is obliged to pay this to the Seller before the Seller’s final delivery of the service. If the buyer fails to pay this residual price, the Seller is entitled to not deliver the service before due payment has been made. In the event that payment is not made, the Seller may send a demand letter to the Buyer with a time limit for payment thereof within 10 days. If payment is still not made, the Seller is entitled to regard the agreement as being in breach of the Buyer’s circumstances. In this case, the Customer is still obliged to pay for the product.

Seller’s products

The seller’s products are called respectively: “3D Tour”. This product allows the buyer to give their potential customers and partners a virtual insight into the buyer’s property, using third-party software. The seller’s product is considered to be delivered when a link to that 3D Tour is sent to the buyer’s mail. The cost of a “3D Tour” consists of a lump sum for the recordings, as well as an annual fixed amount for hosting the solution.

A 3D Tour is an indoor product and for technical reasons it is therefore only possible to make a virtual tour, as well as a 3D model inside. If weather permits during the day, we can take a number of 360 degree images outside, which are associated with the 3D model. However, the photo session is not scheduled based on the weather forecast.

The Seller is not responsible in the event that the weather on the agreed day does not allow for 360 degree images outside, which includes (without being exhaustive) snow, rain, hail, storm, etc.). If it is not possible for the Seller to take 360 ​​degree pictures outside due to the weather, the Seller will not be required to perform a new photo shoot.

In this connection, the Buyer accepts that the image material from the provided service: “3D Tour”, cannot be changed or edited using image processing programs such as Photoshop. The buyer also accepts that direct sunlight entering the window can result in dark shadows on the 3D model.

Just as it is not possible to blur / hide the equipment in mirrors and windows, and thus can be visible in the provided image material. However, we always strive to avoid this if possible.

Buyer accepts that for larger properties / businesses where some areas are similar or just larger empty premises, for technical reasons we may need to set up so-called QR codes in the room, in order to carry out the footage, which will be visible on the pictures .

When purchasing a “3D Tour”, the buyer can choose to optimize the solution further by choosing different ones

When purchasing a “3D Tour” you are also obliged to pay for hosting the service. Hosting consists of an amount paid in 3, 6 or 12 months respectively, depending on what is agreed upon. If the hosting service is not paid, the 3D Tour provided will no longer be available online. As the hosting service is provided by a subcontractor, reservations are made for modification of the agreed hosting service, which comes into effect on the first-coming charge after the price change.

The cost of hosting corresponds to DKK 30, – per. housing per. month, as long as the Customer has his locations photographed by the Seller. If the Buyer chooses to use another supplier to photograph his locations, and thus only uses the Seller to host his 3D Tours, the price will be DKK 60, – per. housing per. month.

Buyer accepts that by using a 3D Tour, Matterport Privacy Policy applies. By directly integrating a 3D Tour into a website, Buyer also accepts that it may be displayed in Google’s search results.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all of the Seller’s products, which the Buyer himself has accepted in the Seller’s offer.

* Buyer’s obligations and responsibilities

In addition to paying the agreed purchase price, the buyer is obliged, in part, to comply with an agreement regarding the Seller’s recording of pictures / photos at the places specified by the buyer and partly to ensure that the specified places are ready for photography (ie the places must appear , which the buyer wants them to appear on the photo material at the time of the agreed photo session.

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to obtain a photo shoot permission if the specified location where the photo shoot is to take place requires such third party permission. If such permission is not obtained from a third party prior to the time of the photo-taking, and therefore the photo-recording cannot be completed, the seller will still be entitled to charge 100% of the agreed price for the place in question, plus VAT.

The buyer must make sure to comply with the agreed date for the photo session. Changes to the agreed date and / or time of photo shoot must be made no later than 72 hours before the agreed time. Otherwise, 100% of the agreed price will be charged for that location plus VAT.

In the event that the Seller’s Photographer shows up with the Buyer at the agreed time and is unable to start the shooting at the agreed time due to the Buyer’s circumstances, the Seller will be entitled to impose 50% of the agreed price above the previously agreed price as compensation for the delay.

If the Buyer is still not ready for photography 15 minutes after the agreed time, the Seller will be entitled to regard the photo session as default, which is why the Seller will be entitled to charge 100% of the agreed price for the place in addition to VAT. In this case, the photographer will be entitled to pass on to the next customer.

In order to ensure a good result, it is not recommended for technical reasons that there are moving elements at the location during the shooting, including persons.

If the Buyer disregards this recommendation and chooses a time for a photo session where there are moving elements in the area to be recorded, the Buyer is responsible at all times to inform the staff and / or visitors of the purpose of the footage and the consequence of their occurrence at pictures.

The Buyer shall bear the costs of a new photo shoot, provided that the Buyer’s staff, customers etc. do not want to appear on that image.

In the production of a 3D Tour, Buyer accepts that Seller is entitled to apply credit to Seller’s business on the virtual tour so that it is visible which supplier has performed the recordings.

The Buyer cannot invoke default powers in the event that the recorded images / photos contain items, items, etc., which the Buyer does not want to reproduce figuratively. The Buyer is responsible for removing the effects, objects, objects etc. that the Buyer does not want to be included in the recorded pictures / photos.

The Buyer may also not exercise default powers against the Buyer in the event of minor minor defects being found on the recorded image documentation, the Buyer only has the opportunity to exercise such default powers.

It is noted that the buyer is neither allowed nor entitled to review the pictures / photos taken by the Seller’s photographer before the final result is available, because for technical reasons it is not possible for the buyer to review these pictures / photos. Seller uses a third-party software to produce the 3D Virtual Tour in question, and Buyer agrees to this and that Seller independently arranges to produce that 3D Virtual Tour.


After the seller’s photographer’s recording of a 3D Tour, it can take up to a maximum of 2 weeks before the final result of the buyer’s product is finished. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a postponement of the delivery time due to technical problems with the third-party software used in the production of the 3D Tour in question is not considered a reason that may justify the Buyer’s exercise of default powers against the Seller.

Buyer has the rights to use the finished image material wherever they wish.

Since Buyer pays an annual amount for hosting a “3D Tour”, that 3D Tour is available as long as Buyer pays this cost.

* Deficiencies and complaints

The Buyer must, within 7 days of delivery, undertake such examination of the goods as are required for proper business use. If the Buyer wishes to invoke a defect, the Buyer must immediately notify the Seller of any defects immediately after defects have been or should be stated stating the defect. If the buyer has or should have discovered the defect and the buyer does not advertise as stated, the buyer can not later claim the defect.

At the Seller’s choice, defects in the sold will be either rectified, shipped or the purchase price of the sold credited buyer. Remedy shall be at no cost to the Buyer, unless the damage in question is due to Buyer’s operating errors, handling errors, modifications or breach by Buyer.

If, within 14 days of the delivery date, the buyer does not claim a defect against the Seller, the buyer cannot later claim it.

Change or intervention in the sale without the Seller’s consent, involvement, etc. deprives the Seller of all liability and obligation.


The Customer does not have the option to terminate / cancel this Agreement. Any prepaid amounts will not be refunded / refunded.

Upon the Seller’s termination / cancellation of the agreement due to the Buyer’s default, the Buyer is liable in accordance with the provisions hereof in Danish law supplemented with the contents of these Terms.

* Limitation of liability

For claims relating to the Seller’s performance or non-performance of its obligations, the Buyer is entitled to compensation for direct loss with the following limitations:

The Seller’s liability is limited to direct damages / losses, and – for whatever reason and regardless of the nature of the claim – is limited to the amount invoiced for the service that caused the damage / loss or is the cause or directly related to the claim.

The seller is under no circumstances liable to the buyer for lost profits, lost profits, lost savings or other indirect losses or consequential damages, including criminal acts etc. resulting from photo-taking of the site specified by the buyer. The Seller is also not liable for similar losses arising from the failure to use the product, regardless of whether the Seller has been informed of the possibility of such claims.

The Seller cannot be held liable for any losses etc. arising from technical interruptions, technical disruptions, technical problems, disruptions on the providers’ servers and / or services.

Since Seller offers products hosted on third-party servers, Seller is not responsible for how long Buyer’s product is located on them, Seller is not responsible for how long these services can be used and / or how long these optional services are offered and supported. of the companies that have developed the services.

Since Seller offers a product to be uploaded on third party systems, Seller is not responsible for delay / waiting time for this, as this depends solely on third party systems.

Force majeure

The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss arising from circumstances of an unusual nature which impede, obstruct or impair the performance of the Agreement if these occur after the offer is made and are beyond the Seller’s control, including: Labor disputes (strikes and lockouts), fires , war, insurgency, internal turmoil, weather and natural disasters, currency restrictions, public seizure, import or export ban, disruption of general transport, including energy supply, significant price and / or tax increases, currency fluctuations, production and delivery difficulties, the Seller cannot be blamed and the entry of force majeure and / or hard ship from relevant subcontractors.

The following conditions are considered to be subject to the aforementioned force majeure concept without, however, being exhaustive:

Hacking of third-party servers, crashes in third-party systems, including failure to display, use, etc. of third-party services: “Google Street View,” and “Rotation,” etc., theft by Seller, etc.

* Product liability

For product liability, Seller is liable and / or Seller is liable in accordance with Danish law on product liability. Buyer must immediately notify Seller if any third party claims product liability to Buyer. To the extent that nothing else follows from mandatory rules, Seller shall not be liable for operating losses, loss of profits or other indirect losses.

Should the Seller be sued by a third party for product liability, the Buyer agrees to be admitted during the proceedings or to be sued in the court or arbitration court that processes the case.

* Disputes, law and jurisdiction

Disputes between the parties, which cannot be settled amicably, must be settled by the Court in Scotland using Scottish law.