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About Us

We provide 3D  Images Visual Reality and Augmented Reality services.

MAXSON delivers multi-platform, data, visualisation and digitalisation solutions.
We are driving innovation in the all industries with our visualisation solutions.
The application of what we do IS unlimited.

We Have

3D cameras

With our Matterport and other 3D cameras we can capture your houses, commercial property and energy assets in 3D images

We provide

Affordable 3D services

We provide fit for purpose service solutions with an unbeleiveable Return On Investment

Why choose us

Our History

We offer fit for purpose 3D services that are affordable, amazing ROI!

PropertyCommercialEnergy Assets

Bring your property to life

We scan domestic property www.HOUSEtoHOME.solutions

Let viewers view in 3D from their home!

The 3D  spaces can be viewed in Virtual Reality! if you don’t have a set, buy a cheap Google cardboard from our shop and you can enjoy a virtual experience.

Update and manage your BIMs

After we scan your commercial property you can create a BIMs, take online measurements and import the OBK and XYZ files into your CAD drawing packages. We can also provide transition into Sketchup and Autocad files

Virtual Asset Management

Control your Asset Integrity by using our Visual Asset Management (VAM) service

GeoLocation Boards
Another new innovative product from your 3D scan we can produce location boards with QR codes as well as NCR tags. The boards can show safety equipment, escape routes, office names etc You can buy in our online shop here
Website hits for HOUSEtoHOME
Delighted that our sister division for property HOUSEtoHOME has already had over 125k website hits, to date and they have not had their big launch yet! Using the latest in digital media they are providing a disruptor service to the property market, low transparent cost with no agent fees and 3D tours!
Dark night activity : online murder mystery
We have used our 3d scanning to bring you a fun online activity, perfect for a bit of fun There’s been a murder! A body has been found at a monthly private group meeting. Can you solve why, when, how and by who the act was committed? A new amazing format of an online web
Our expertise

Based on Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in 3D photography, commercial imaging and working in the Energy Industry.

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Time to process 3D scan compared to others (at least 50 times faster!)


Happy Customers


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Some of our personnel

Digital data technician
Digital data technician
Operates our cameras, edits scans, uploads, processes and quality checks.
IT manager
IT manager
Our IT guru!
Keeps us all pointing in the right direction!
Mike is the technical guru for the company
some of our clients

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